We use an advanced calculation software, to develop comprehensive solutions at competitive prices, and at an accelerated pace. Our technology and resources, both material and human, allow us to carry out any possible idea, surpassing the challenges and challenges that entail.


New generation robotic total station, brand SOKKIA MODEL SRX.

With our SRX New Generation team, we do not require an assistant to get horizontal and vertical angles, to then get their Cartesian coordinates in X and Z.

  • Its controller directs, stores, and transforms the data acquired in the field.
  • Automatic tracking technology.
  • Engine drive mechanism.
  • Measurement without reflector 1000 m.
  • Data Collector Interface is Windows Mobile 5.0-based.
  • Bluetooth.
  • It features innovative automated tracking and EDM (engineering data management) technologies that maximize robotic survey capability.

SOKKIA Full Automatic Station, Model CX 105

Thanks to the Total Station we are able to obtain the angles through its powerful laser distance meter with advanced Red-tech technology of measurement by phase difference. Faster, more precise and with greater reach.

  • 30x Japanese optics filtering reflections and refraction.
  • Angular Resolution 1 , 
  • Accuracy to DIN 17123 better than 2 "in a simple observation. Accuracy at distances of ± (2 + 2 ppm) mm.
  • With polygonal programs, VIAL design,
  • Intersections, Curves Design, and stakeout among others.
  • Absolute photoelectric RAB encoder with IACS technology
  • Double screen.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Internal storage.
  • CFour-component electronic compensator.

GPS receiver brand SOKKIA model GNSS GSR X1 / Hiper II

The GNSS GSR X1 receiver generates a continuous and timely topographic survey with a high accuracy of approximately one millimeter. It has great versatility for continuous (RTK) and static surveys, where a high precision of the location of the points is required.

  • It is characterized by its small weight and size.
  • High benefits to support both satellite constellations, GPS and GLONASS, and the innovative dual compartment incorporation to establish communication via UHF radio or modem. 

Electronic level, South brand DL202 model

Our electronic level is a topographic equipment that allows optimizing the performance of all altimetry work.

  • Automatic level of precision. 
  • 32x optical and 0.5 "compensator, which with the help of an internal CCD system can read the bar code sight, appreciating the tenth of a millimeter, to distances of 100 meters from the place of observation.
  • You can measure QUOTAS directly, or differences in level .


 Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative technology that uses 3D modeling software, where all disciplines are integrated simultaneously and in real time. It facilitates the development of the project, eliminating interference between disciplines.